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Healing Demands Mind, Body and Spirit

In addiction recovery and in your journey to freedom from anxiety or depression, the healing process demands much more than just addressing the problematic behaviors or feelings that arise. It demands every part of you, mind, body and soul. 


You’ve probably noticed that when you encounter circumstances that trouble you emotionally or mentally, physical symptoms will often accompany your feelings. It’s common for our hearts to race or palms to sweat when we’re feeling anxious or afraid. Perhaps you’ve experienced this when you have a hard time getting to sleep when problems arise in your life because you stay up all night thinking about them, leading to feelings of fatigue and lethargy. The physiologic sensations you feel during such times may occur when the mind, body and spirit are unbalanced.


The body and mind have a deep connection, communicated through a unique chemical language. This connection is why we are more likely to be kinder, happier, and more grateful when our minds are at peace. This peace from within can make us feel more relaxed and have enough energy and drive to conquer any situation the day brings. This connection could be the key to healing discomfort and disease. 


At The Ranch Tennessee, our clinicians, addiction recovery experts and other mental health professionals recognize that healing demands every part of you: mind, body and spirit. For this reason, our center provides holistic healing options to address the whole person. Effective and successful treatment approaches the mind and body to reestablish balance and achieve optimal health.


Having a Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit


Some important ways to keep your mind healthy include having strategies in place to keep stress and worry at bay. Having a healthy mind entails thinking positively, feeling joy, seeking knowledge and enjoying learning. Keeping up a positive mindset can be especially good for individuals in addiction recovery or battling mental illness. Ultimately, a positive mindset can give them the will to withstand any challenges encountered during and after treatment and contribute to an increased sense of healing. 


Some basic ways to maintain bodily health include:


  • Eating nutritious food and adhering to a balanced diet.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Having routine visits to a primary physician to prevent illness or detect and treat an existing condition sooner.


These physical measures, however, aren’t the solutions required for matters of the spirit. At the center of being spiritual is understanding that you exist as part of something bigger. Having a sense of community with others and giving freely without expectation are ways to facilitate a healthy spirit. Those who actively cultivate a healthy spirit have an enhanced capacity to be emotionally available with themselves and others, a quality that’s imperative to facing challenges during and after treatment and recovery.


Holistic Programs at The Ranch

Understanding this interconnectedness between mind, body and spirit, The Ranch Tennessee employs healing approaches that address psychological, physical, and spiritual health. Strengthening each aspect of the body this way can prompt positive change that leads to growth, healing and increased chances of enjoying long-term recovery.



These holistic treatment programs give clients insight into the source and mechanism of addiction, boost their confidence, and diminish the appeal of addictive substances.


Calling The Ranch at 888.663.8250 is the first step to getting the treatment you need and deserve. Recovery won’t happen overnight, but participating in holistic programs guided by compassionate experts will equip you with coping strategies and methods for transforming negative behaviors and thoughts that will benefit you for a lifetime of substance-free living.

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