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Holistic Healing at The Ranch Tennessee

Being aware of the connection between mental health, physical health, and spiritual health can be exceptionally crucial for individuals who need holistic healing from discomfort, disease, mental illness or addiction.

Our body and mind, while separate entities, maintain a mutual influence over each other. While our physical state and behaviors can impact our physical condition and vice versa; our minds can influence how healthy our bodies may or may not be. Think of how happy we may feel and how much we might smile when we recall enjoyable memories of our loved ones. Likewise, replaying a frightening, embarrassing or painful experience in our minds can speed up our heart rate, make us sweat and tie tight knots of despair in our stomachs. These physical sensations typically occur when the body, mind and spirit—which share a deep connection—are out of balance.

Nurturing the mind-body-spirit connection can help us enter more resourceful states when encountering life’s stressors. For this reason, holistic treatment can be effective for people who need relief from addiction and substance abuse, and their underlying psychological issues. Understanding that overcoming addiction requires a dedicated, focused approach that addresses a person’s body, mind and spirit, The Ranch Tennessee provides a range of holistic healing options guided by trained, experienced, skilled and compassionate addiction recovery experts.

What Are Holistic Practices?

Per the belief in the mind-body connection, interactions between biological, psychological, and social factors can determine the causes, development and outcomes of physical illnesses. Our bodies and minds communicate chemically, explaining why we are more likely to be happier and enjoy a better physical state when our mind is at peace. At the same time, we can literally and figuratively ache when physical, mental, emotional or situational disasters strike. Stress can accompany negative and positive life events, ultimately affecting our emotional health. Whether a person is going through a divorce or enjoying newly wedded bliss, experiencing foreclosure, or purchasing their first home, their body, mind and spirit respond to this stress.

Giving equal attention to an individual’s mind, body and feelings during therapy and treatment, which holistic therapy practices do, is imperative. Holistic practices are a safe combination of traditional treatments and alternative treatment methods used to prevent and treat illness and promote optimal health. This form of therapy typically considers and incorporates a person’s physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental and nutritional state as well as their lifestyle. 

One crucial element of holistic healing, especially as the experts practice it at The Ranch Tennessee, is that it focuses on patient education and getting them engaged and participating in their healing process with their whole self.

Holistic Healing, Emotional Health, and Recovery

Holistic medicine aims to address a person in their entirety: their mind, body and spirit. With its consideration of the mind-body connection, holistic therapy can benefit an individual’s emotional health.

Components of emotional health include:

  • A person’s ability to manage their feelings
  • How a person feels about themselves
  • A person’s overall psychological well-being
  • The ability to develop positive coping skills and utilize them
  • The quality of an individual’s interpersonal relationships at home and at work

Emotional health is an essential part of an individual’s total health, as being emotionally healthy relates to being able to control one’s feelings, thoughts and behaviors. When striving to develop good emotional health, it’s important to remember that being emotionally healthy does not mean being happy all the time—and being happy all the time is not a requirement for having a good, healthy life.

Instead, having good emotional health means better coping with life’s stressors and challenges, keeping your problems in check, and successfully bouncing back from setbacks. An emotionally healthy person does not try to avoid their feelings, nor feel like they must rely on drugs or alcohol to numb them. Instead, they’re aware of their emotions and can deal with the positive, the negative and anything in between. 

When practicing good emotional health, a person can tell when a stressful situation or problem they encounter is too much for them to handle alone. Whether they’re dealing with everyday hurdles or they’re struggling to fight the urge to use drugs or alcohol, they know when to confide in a loved one for support and when to seek help from a professional. In essence, emotional attunement can be a skill, one that can be developed through holistic healing.

Benefits Associated With Holistic Therapy

Holistic healing can be effective in a wide range of situations. It can benefit people who may be dealing with substance abuse, trauma, disordered eating, behavioral problems or mental illnesses because it aims to support and improve the health of the mind-body system in its entirety rather than target specific functions or areas of the body. Emphasizing the importance of the entire body can ultimately allow holistic therapy methods to enhance specific, sick areas of the body while improving the body’s condition overall.

Benefits of holistic healing include, but are not limited to:

  • An enhancement of the body’s natural healing abilities
  • An increased desire for healthy and happy living
  • Diminished depression symptoms
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • The adoption of lifestyle and behavioral changes and healthy habits
  • Disease and disorder prevention
  • A stronger body with the ability to withstand the onset of physical, psychological or behavioral conditions more easily

Understanding Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs

Designed to enable the entire body to recover from the effects of addiction or a mental health concern, the holistic therapy programs offered at this center incorporate elements of recovery that traditional therapy options may miss. For instance, through these programs, patients are provided with conventional modalities of treatment like individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and holistic modalities that enable them to express their feelings and thoughts comfortably. However, they will also have access to more specialized practices like equine-assisted therapy or yoga incorporated directly into their weekly schedule and treatment plan.

Learn to Thrive Through Holistic Healing at The Ranch

All of the care options offered at The Ranch provide insight into the mind and body, a critical process for addiction because there are multiple dimensions of this disease that affect the way you move throughout life. The mental health professionals and addiction recovery experts at The Ranch understand that mental illnesses, addictions and recovery processes are different for each patient and unique to their individual experiences. Even after admitting an individual into an inpatient drug treatment program, the methods of care they receive can still be tweaked in order to guarantee that they are appropriate and effectively meeting any needs that change or arise during therapy.

Holistic Care Options 

When considering receiving treatment through a holistic therapy program, it is essential to keep in mind that a wide range of holistic practices exists. For instance, The Ranch Tennessee offers a variety of rehabilitation programs. 

The holistic therapy programs offered at The Ranch give patients a thorough understanding of the source of their addiction while strengthening their confidence and ability to avoid cravings and diminishing the appeal of addictive substances. 

These options at The Ranch include:

These treatment and care options can help improve clients’ physical and mental strength. Holistic treatment, especially when paired with medical care options such as individual therapy, can enhance recovery.

The Ranch Can Help You Recover

Any person who recognizes that they have an addiction, eating disorder, or other mental illness and decides to receive counseling or treatment at a center should make an effort to understand holistic care and what it entails. Learning about and pursuing holistic healing requires individuals to be honest with themselves about the addiction or unhealthy behaviors that impact their lives. It’s crucial for people seeking treatment to gauge and determine what they need from their therapy and addiction care. Doing so can guide them toward getting better holistic treatment methods and getting the most out of treatment.

The compassionate professionals at The Ranch sit down with each of the patients admitted and have honest conversations to find out their reasons for wanting help through holistic therapy programs. Expert counselors at the center will then trace the root of the patient’s substance abuse and gauge what they can do holistically to help the individual recover from their affliction. Being so thorough and treating each patient as an individual gives them better chances of beating addiction.

By calling The Ranch at 888.545.7672, individuals in Tennessee can learn invaluable information about holistic healing that can change their lives or that of a family member or friend for the better. This center is a safe, judgment-free place where all patients can access a loving, caring, and compassionate community of skilled, dedicated therapists who understand that it is impossible to be healthy if a problem exists with the body, mind or spirit. With their help and neutral, non-invasive healing methods that equally target the body, mind and spirit equally, patients can overcome their addiction or behavioral issues and regain control of their lives. 

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