a man suffers from alcohol abuse and leaky gut

Alcohol Abuse and Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is an unofficial term used to describe a collection of symptoms that center on damage in the lining of the large intestine. This damage gives undigested food particles and toxins access to the bloodstream by producing minute gaps in the intestinal wall. There is controversy regarding some of the purported effects of leaky …

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The Surprising Connection Between Mental Health and Heart Disease

It’s perfectly normal to feel sad, upset, worried and generally troubled after having a heart attack or finding out you have heart disease. This is a major, life-altering diagnosis and you should be a little shaken up and concerned about your future. If you can’t shake that bad feeling or if your symptoms of worry …

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Are Addicts More Susceptible to Stress-Based Disease?

Here’s something your general practitioner and your therapist may have forgotten to tell you: the more stress you’re under, the more vulnerable you are to becoming sick. If you are under stress while also feeling isolated, this is when your risk for illness – pneumonia, malignancies, chronic disease – is highest.

The Emotional Effects & Mental Health Risks of Secondhand Smoke

Smoking is a habit that can lead to a host of health problems. Besides increasing the risk of lung cancer and dental problems, smoking can also cause problems for those who live with the smoker. Research is increasingly highlighting the health problems that are caused by the exposure to secondhand smoke.

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