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Why Do I Need Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

When we have patients come into our facility at The Ranch, we want to encourage open conversations about substance use disorders. Part of this starts with asking and answering those commonly asked questions. For instance, we often hear, why do I need alcohol abuse counseling, from patients who are entering treatment. Also, some patients may be interested in learning more about alcohol abuse counseling as a part of their addiction therapy program. Check out this type of treatment to see if it is applicable to your treatment needs.

Why Do I Need Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

If you are struggling with alcohol use, or have a loved one showing symptoms of alcoholism, it might be time to seek alcohol abuse counseling. This type of alcohol addiction treatment is dedicated to individuals who struggle with alcoholism specifically. Consider that alcohol use disorder has both physiological and psychological effects. Furthermore, the detox process can be life-threatening. Working with an alcohol abuse counselor helps you navigate this process with the support of our team of addiction specialists here at The Ranch in Nunnelly, TN.

What is Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

Alcohol abuse counseling is focused on serving individuals who are struggling with alcoholism or are abusing alcohol. The individualized health care we offer for our patients often includes alcohol abuse counseling in some way or another for treating alcohol use disorder. This can be in a one-on-one setting or with a group, such as with the 12-step program and Alcoholics Anonymous. Counseling services can be individual, group, or include family.

In addition, you may be able to find alcohol abuse counseling that is geared at a specific need. For example, here at The Ranch, we have a dual diagnosis treatment program. That way our patients are able to enter treatment for alcoholism, as well as mental health disorders. Programs are designed for any disorder that coincides with their service needs. By focusing on the entire spectrum of substance use and mental health disorders and how these intertwine, we are better able to serve our patients. This results in a lower return rate among patients, as well as a higher rate of long-term recovery once you enter sober living.

Choosing Alcohol Abuse Counseling Near You

There are many addiction treatment programs to choose from, so why choose alcohol abuse counseling? According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), there are several treatment options for managing alcohol problems. This includes alcohol abuse counseling as part of behavioral treatment and mutual-support groups. Finding the right counselor or support group is often part of the battle for someone entering treatment. That’s where alcohol use disorder specialists come in to guide your recovery.

We have the resources including alcohol abuse counselors and alcohol detox programs ready and in place. In addition, our facility is able to provide inpatient treatment for patients in need of critical care. Let us show you the way to recovery while maintaining your overall health and recovery from substance use disorder.

Final Thoughts: Why Do I Need Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

Here at The Ranch, we want to help you select the right kind of treatment for your alcohol use disorder. This will include working with an addiction specialist to determine whether treatment is best suited to counseling or other methods. We have outdoor adventure therapy programs, for example, that includes working with horses. For some patients, equine therapy is an excellent option for bypassing the human interaction. Whatever you need to get through to the road to recovery, we have the resources available at The Ranch Treatment Centers.

Contact The Ranch today at 1.844.876.7680 to schedule a free consultation with one of our intake specialists. We also are here to listen and provide you with additional information to help you determine what type of treatment you need for alcohol abuse.

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