a group talking about the dangers of designer drugs

Dangers of Designer Drugs: Rogue Chemicals Designed to Cause Damage

Extreme anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, psychosis, death — these are only a few of the hidden dangers of designer drugs. If you haven’t yet used a designer drug, now is not the time to begin. These synthetic party drugs do everything except encourage a good time. In fact, they’re quite dangerous because only the shady chemist…

a woman learning about the heroin addiction recovery rate

What Is the Heroin Addiction Recovery Rate?

The heroin addiction recovery rate is difficult to pin down exactly. In general, much depends upon the type and duration of treatment. Whether the client completes the treatment program for heroin addiction is another weighty factor. Studies have produced mixed results regarding the heroin addiction recovery rate, but some experts feel it may hover around 70 percent or…

a woman confronting her friend about the signs of a functioning alcoholic

Five Signs of a Functioning Alcoholic: Is Your Loved One Struggling?

Did you know that nearly 20 percent of all alcoholics in America are considered high functioning? In other words, they don’t fit the typical stereotype you may envision when you think of someone who suffers from alcohol use disorder. Rather, a high-functioning alcoholic is typically successful. Signs of a functioning alcoholic may be difficult to notice…